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General European Pharmaceuticals is a renounced pharmaceutical company with an outstanding reputation in Africa, Europe and Asia. It has been referred to as one of the best medical suppliers in Hyderabad and has its clients at best interest by supplying various medical equipment and their maintenance at lowered rates. They have a dedicated team who strive for the best customer service and technical support as may be needed by the client. Their goal is to be the number one service company in the regions they cover and hence work towards this goal by having large stock of equipment and parts in their warehouses and a sophisticated supply chain for premium services where they operate. In addition to the supply of medical equipment/instruments, laboratory equipment, respiratory devices and physiotherapy equipment, they also supply steroids.

Biomedical Engineering Service Division

Through their Biomedical engineering Service division, their technical department which is filled with well-trained experienced technicians is responsible for repair services. They are able to repair a range of medical equipment including Ultrasound machines, ECG machines, Patient monitors, Fetal monitors, syringe pumps, infusion pumps, medical weighing scales, x-ray machines, defibrillators, C-ARMS, portable x-ray machines, MRI machines, Computed tomography scanners and more.

Parts Division

Through their parts division, they keep on hand major parts of imaging parts of clients. They also keep track record of third party services offered in the regions they cover.

Through their new medical equipment division, they present their clients with the latest technology in healthcare hence advancing the quality of health care delivery. Here, they represent various United States and European manufacturers at local levels. In most cases, their clients cannot obtain the new equipment due to financial constraints and as a result there is the Pre-Owned Equipment Division with a large stock of pre-owned equipment at Hyderabad.

These Pre-Owned (second hand medical equipment) are fully functional and reinstated and are cheaper to afford to the market covered by General European Pharmaceuticals including many developing countries in Africa and Asia. They make use of their skilled technical department and staff to bring these pre-owned equipment to manufacturer standards and specifications (reinstate them) by making use of ONLY OEM parts. In addition to supplying modern pre-owned equipment at extremely affordable prices, they offer a full one year unconditional warranty to these products and five (05) of after sales service.


Steroids here represent anabolic-androgenic steroids which are usually synthetic forms of the hormone testosterone and can be obtained here as oral or injectable hormones. These anabolic androgens are mostly used by athletes and body builders (including weight lifters) to boast their muscle mass for their sporting activities, their secondary sexual characteristics and enhance their appearance. Medical practitioners prescribe anabolic steroids in conditions such as delayed puberty and muscle wasting from diseases such as AIDS. Common names for anabolic steroids are Gear, Juice, Roids, and Stackers. Even though they don’t make people “high” as other drugs, they can be addictive. Which are supplied by GEP can be obtained as oral hormones and/or injectable hormones under different marketing names.

General European Pharmaceuticals – GEP has Africa, Europe and Asia as its market, hence someone in need of or wanting to buy medical equipment in Cameroon can reach to them via their African office branch. Taking advantage of the reduced costs of the products and GEP would enhance healthcare provision to most parts of Africa and Asia where these equipment are scarce. GEP also carries out maintenance of medical equipment such as MRI machines and CT scans that are known to halt some activities in the hospital when they fail. Contact GEP to obtain your medical equipment and for the maintenance of your failed equipment.


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